Course project


The course project should be a research work including a novel idea, design, evaluation (or analysis) of a security protocol or system, which improves the existing work in certain aspects and has not been done by anyone else. 

At most three students can collaborate in a same project and submit a same project report, stating clearly the contribution of each student. The length of your final report is 12-16 pages (single-column) or 6-8 pages (double-column) using a font size of 10 or 11 pt. If you choose the double-column format, it is recommended that you use an ACM or IEEE template. Copying and pasting from someone else's paper will constitute plagiarism. The use of someone else's phrases or sentences should be attributed and shown as a quotation.

A project proposal should be submitted and approved by the instructor. Every group of students is recommended to discuss with the instructor before determining their project topic.

The project proposal is due by 2/11 (in class). The final report is due by 3/20 (email).


You may begin by looking over the technical programs of the following conference proceedings for the past few years:  SIGCOMM, MobiCom, IEEE Security and Privacy, ACM CCS, USENIX Security, NDSS, NSDI, INFOCOM, ICNP, and CoNext.  Select a paper on a topic that is relevant to this class and addresses a problem of interest to you.  Or you may select a work from the list of papers in class and their references. Based on the existing work, you may propose new ideas and improvements.